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New Patients at Fourth Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness

Fourth Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness is honored that you are considering us as a partner in your wellness journey. It is our hope that you will feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you step foot in our office. We promise that you will be treated with the respect and compassion that you deserve.

Before You Come In

Our onboarding process consists of two appointments, scheduled closely together.

Please fill out the New Patient Paperwork.

Initial appointments are usually conducted in the morning and last approximately 30 minutes.

  • Please check in with our front desk staff.
  • You will receive a tour of our office before being shown to an exam room to meet with a doctor.
  • Your doctor will review your health history and listen attentively to understand the reason(s) you are seeking help.
  • You will receive an exam, a spinal screen, and a postural assessment. If necessary, you may go next door for x-rays.

Our full team will then meet to review your case together and determine the most appropriate care plan.

The follow-up appointment is usually conducted during the afternoon of the initial appointment or the next day. It also typically lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • After checking in, you will meet with the doctor and discuss the findings from your initial appointment.
  • We will carefully explain what services we offer and which may best benefit you.
  • If we cannot help you, we do our best to point you toward more appropriate resources.
  • Your care plan recommendations are explored, including the suggested number of visits and any out of pocket costs.
  • Please ask questions! Our staff is passionate about what we do and love educating and empowering our patients.
  • If all is satisfactory and agreed upon, you will likely receive a spinal adjustment.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help, contact us today to book your first visit. We look forward to welcoming you into our care soon!

New Patients at Fourth Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness | (509) 624-5855