Lifestyle Change

The Paleo diet or “Caveman diet” is a great way to cut out food items that cause inflammation in our bodies. This lifestyle change cuts out the most common causes of inflammation from food. Examples of these foods are gluten or most breads, grain products and dairy or most things that come from a cow. Eliminating these groups of food products from your diet will decrease inflammation and pain.

Golfing Tip

When warming up to play a round of golf be sure to add some side to side movement. This will warm up the muscles of the hips that are most active when swinging.

Examples: walking sideways, lateral lunges and trunk rotations both directions.

Exercise Tip

Follow the 10 percent rule when increasing your workout. Whether it is cardiovascular or strength never exceed a 10 percent increase in mileage, reps or weight to help keep you pain and injury free at the gym.

Shopping Tips

Stay to the perimeter of the grocery store when shopping. This will keep you away from the processed foods that cause inflammation in our bodies.

Sunscreen and you:

Sunscreen is something that should be used sparingly during the summer. Sunscreen has many chemicals in it to keep you from burning in the sun and these chemicals can “block up to 95 percent of your skins ability to make vitamin D naturally” ( Vitamin D is very important for overall health and body funciton. The chemicals used in sunscreen are in debate about their toxicity and many of these chemicals have been found to absorb in the skin at significant rates.

Sun without sunscreen:

The key to sun safety in the summer is to gradually expose yourself to the sun so you avoid burning. Burning is the key issue when talking about skin protection from the sun. If you have to be out in the sun for long periods of time try to bring a items that will put you in the shade, examples are large hat, large umbrella, t-shirt etc. These items will keep the sun at bay so you can enjoy the outside for an extended period of time without buring. “10 am to 2pm is the most harmful time for your skin” ( be in the sun so these items will come in handy during this period.