Burning fat!

Burning fat!

How do you burn more fat in the day? Increase the distance you walk at work and from your car. Build more muscle this principle is the bigger the engine the more fuel it burns and fat is fuel. Follow the 90/10 rule when it comes to eating. Eat clean most meals than have one meal a week where you eat what you crave. This helps you satisfy your needs and also boosts your metabolism cause your body will want to burn those extra calories rather than store them.

Exercise can reduce the urge to eat

A recent study conducted by BYU studied 35 women 17 were clinically obese and 18 were of average weight. The studied showed that after exercise the women ate the same as on the non exercise days. They also measured brain waves post exercise and on non exercise days. The brain wave study showed less brain activity towards pictures of food on exercise days.

Your waist size and heart disease.

Your waist size is a better predictor than Body Mass Index or BMI for heart disease. ” BMI is a very flawed measurment” (www.mercola.com). CNN Reports in May 2011, your hip to waist ratio is a far more accurate predictor for developing heart disease. Waist size greater than 35 inches in women and 40 inches for men put them at greater risk for heart disease.