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Balanced Eating

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Sea salt is packed with 80 or so vitamins and minerals that help the body perform its daily routines better. Table salt is stripped of those vitamins and minerals in its processing. This is not a sign to go crazy with sea salt, but if you need some salt this is a much better option.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is a practitioner applying a controlled force, or a gentler mobilization technique to help relieve neck and back pain. The goal of an adjustment is to restore function to a spinal segment so the joint can move and heal itself.


Water or H2O is a key component to our health and function of the human body. We all know we need to drink more water but how do we do that. Here are some tips to help keep you hydrated on these hot days.

Keep a stainless steel or glass water jug near by.
When you pass a water fountain take a drink.
Drink two glasses of water in the morning before you eat.
If you don’t like the taste of water change it. Examples, sliced lemons, limes or even cucumber.

Gluten sensitivity

There has been a lot of talk about gluten in the news and how everyone is going gluten free. Gluten is the main protein in wheat and grain products. This protein has only been in the diet of humans since agriculture was invented. So, we as a species have only been trying to digest gluten for a very short time period and some people still lack enzymes to break this protein down. If you can not break it down your immune system has to try and handle it. This is where you get inflammation and pain.

Signs and Symptoms:

Runny nose constant
upset stomach
bone and joint pain

Omega 3’s

Omega 3 fatty acids are oils that come mostly from fish and other sea life. These fatty acids have natural anti-inflammatory effects which eases pain and soreness. They also help to create hormones and lube the joints of the body.
There are many supplements that are out on the market, you want ones that are mercury free and a store that sells the items quickly so the oils do not go rancid.

What are Amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are made of mostly mercury. Mercury is a poisonous heavy metal that can cause many different diseases and conditions. Here is an article that talks more in depth about amalgam fillings.


Burning fat!

Burning fat!

How do you burn more fat in the day? Increase the distance you walk at work and from your car. Build more muscle this principle is the bigger the engine the more fuel it burns and fat is fuel. Follow the 90/10 rule when it comes to eating. Eat clean most meals than have one meal a week where you eat what you crave. This helps you satisfy your needs and also boosts your metabolism cause your body will want to burn those extra calories rather than store them.

Exercise can reduce the urge to eat

A recent study conducted by BYU studied 35 women 17 were clinically obese and 18 were of average weight. The studied showed that after exercise the women ate the same as on the non exercise days. They also measured brain waves post exercise and on non exercise days. The brain wave study showed less brain activity towards pictures of food on exercise days.

Your waist size and heart disease.

Your waist size is a better predictor than Body Mass Index or BMI for heart disease. ” BMI is a very flawed measurment” ( CNN Reports in May 2011, your hip to waist ratio is a far more accurate predictor for developing heart disease. Waist size greater than 35 inches in women and 40 inches for men put them at greater risk for heart disease.


Lifestyle Change

The Paleo diet or “Caveman diet” is a great way to cut out food items that cause inflammation in our bodies. This lifestyle change cuts out the most common causes of inflammation from food. Examples of these foods are gluten or most breads, grain products and dairy or most things that come from a cow. Eliminating these groups of food products from your diet will decrease inflammation and pain.

Golfing Tip

When warming up to play a round of golf be sure to add some side to side movement. This will warm up the muscles of the hips that are most active when swinging.

Examples: walking sideways, lateral lunges and trunk rotations both directions.

Exercise Tip

Follow the 10 percent rule when increasing your workout. Whether it is cardiovascular or strength never exceed a 10 percent increase in mileage, reps or weight to help keep you pain and injury free at the gym.

Shopping Tips

Stay to the perimeter of the grocery store when shopping. This will keep you away from the processed foods that cause inflammation in our bodies.

Sunscreen and you:

Sunscreen is something that should be used sparingly during the summer. Sunscreen has many chemicals in it to keep you from burning in the sun and these chemicals can “block up to 95 percent of your skins ability to make vitamin D naturally” ( Vitamin D is very important for overall health and body funciton. The chemicals used in sunscreen are in debate about their toxicity and many of these chemicals have been found to absorb in the skin at significant rates.

Sun without sunscreen:

The key to sun safety in the summer is to gradually expose yourself to the sun so you avoid burning. Burning is the key issue when talking about skin protection from the sun. If you have to be out in the sun for long periods of time try to bring a items that will put you in the shade, examples are large hat, large umbrella, t-shirt etc. These items will keep the sun at bay so you can enjoy the outside for an extended period of time without buring. “10 am to 2pm is the most harmful time for your skin” ( be in the sun so these items will come in handy during this period.